Ensure Your Data's Security

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Replacing old computers and technology is an essential part of improving your business. However, you have to make sure you dispose of your old tech safely. If someone finds an old hard drive, they could take data from it and use it against you. Thankfully, Value Plus Recycling and PC offers data destruction services in Boonville, MO and the surrounding area. We'll erase all the data on your drives and ensure it's not recoverable.

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Why should you choose us?

Every experienced tech and recycling pro knows that there are many ways to recover data from a broken drive. Even if you think you've deleted all the data on your drive, certain programs can still pull information. You can't run this risk if your drives have employee information or financial data. Our experienced team knows how to wipe drives completely so that no data remains. We'll also provide a data destruction certificate.

Offices with 50 computers typically take us a day and a half to wipe, so call us for data destruction services today.