Upgrade Your Setup Without Buying New Tech

We sell custom, refurbished electronics in the Boonville, MO area

Buying a refurbished computer is a great way to improve your setup without forking out for a brand-new system. Value Plus Recycling and PC sells refurbished electronics in the Boonville, MO area. You don't have to build your new system yourself - we can install a new hard drive on a used system and create a custom setup for you.

Contact us now if you're interested in our refurbished electronics.

How do we upgrade electronics?

When our team gets their hands on used electronics, we upgrade and optimize them in several ways. We improve electronics by:

  • Setting up programs and optimizing speed
  • Building docking stations for laptops and dual monitors
  • Installing software packages that include Microsoft Office and antivirus programs
We'll also customize devices for customers. We primarily work with Dell, Lenovo, HP and Apple systems, but we can work on anything. Email us today if you want a refurbished computer.