Deal With Your Old Electronics Properly

Choose us for TV or computer recycling in the Boonville, MO area

Time to replace the TVs in your lobby? Value Plus Recycling and PC offers TV recycling services in the Boonville, MO area. Our electronic recycling services are great for companies that want to reduce their carbon footprints and help prevent pollution.

Call 573-239-2515 today for computer recycling services.

Learn more about our recycling process

When you turn to us for computer recycling, we'll take a thorough approach to save as many parts as possible from the landfill. Additionally, we can:

  • Provide an inventory list of what we recycled
  • Pick up your electronics or have you drop them off
  • Certify that we have destroyed and cleaned your data from hard drives
Most companies prefer that we pick up their electronics, so they don't even have to come to our shop. Once we have your electronics, we'll break them down into parts for recycling instead of melting them down. Email us now for more information on computer or TV recycling.