Don't Throw Your Broken Device Away

Bring it in to our computer repair pros in the Boonville, MO area

When a device breaks, it may seem simpler to replace it. However, you can save a ton of money by opting for repairs. Value Plus Recycling and PC can tackle your computer repairs in the Boonville, MO area. We fix iPads, Android devices and Microsoft products. We'll even handle cosmetic screen repairs.

Have a cracked screen? Bring your device in for screen repairs today.

Can we get your device working again?

Whenever you have a device that fails, you'll want to do everything you can to get it working again. Thankfully, we can handle all kinds of repairs, including:

  • General repairs
  • Screen replacements
  • Hard drive replacements
We also offer data retrieval and recovery services. Our computer repair experts can use a variety of solutions to pull as much data off of your broken device as possible, so you can get your pictures, videos and other information back. Email us now for repairs.