Larry Wagner: Owner

After coming home from the Air Force in 1994, Larry Wagner began working for Dana in Columbia, MO and selling dial up internet in his free time. As his customer base grew, he spent all of his free time learning how to fix and put computers together and became obsessed with electronics. Although he quit selling dial up after only two years, he continued to fix and sell computers to his original customers. Larry began going to computer auctions and spending his nights googling how to repair anything and everything computer related. He spent the next ten years growing his business. Value Plus Recycling and PC started as a small pass time, but by 1999 it had grown into a legitimate business.

In 2008, Larry switched jobs and began working for Caterpillar in Boonville, MO. Along with this he began picking up businesses as customers and learned about printers, servers, computer setup and more. It was around this time that Larry began recycling all of the extra and unwanted parts. After a year at Caterpillar, Larry was offered a job at Heartland Stone in Columbia, MO. This job consisted of working with a CNC Machine (a machine that cuts granite and hones the edges off with instructions sent from a remote computer). This job also allowed Larry his own office, where he was able to continue working on his business in his off time. He continued this for three years until his office became too small to handle the amount of traffic coming in and out from his own business. So, with the help of the Heartland owners, he was able to relocate to a warehouse and grow his business substantially. From there Value Plus Recycling and PC grew into what it is today.