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You don't need your old monitor anymore, but you can't just toss this equipment in the dumpster. Value Plus Recycling and PC is a veteran-owned computer recycling and electronic waste disposal company that serves Boonville, MO and the surrounding area. Throwing old electronics into landfills can pollute water and soil, so we do everything we can to upcycle used electronics. We even hold recycling drives to help out our community.

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What makes us qualified for the job?

Whether you want the screen replaced on your iPad or your office's network computers need refurbishing, you can count on us. We're

A Microsoft-certified refurbisher

Efficient workers with over 17 years of experience

Registered with the Department of Natural Resources for electronic recycling

Our professional computer repair team provides personal attention to every customer. We create and stick to timelines for repair projects, and we educate our customers about the benefits of recycling over throwing electronics away. If you want to help reduce your carbon footprint, bring your electronic waste to us today.